Manage Online Travel Agencies (OTA) rates and rules directly from AirHost Property Management System (PMS). Pricing and automatic discounts can all be managed centrally. Easily create discount templates for different seasons. Make changes or apply rates to multiple properties at once. Automatically adjust the sales price percentage and synchronize with each OTA. With AirHost, your availability and rates are always in sync.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Setting up a Rate Plan

  • Applying a Rate Plan

  • Syncing your Price to your Channels

Note: Prices and discounts will be synced to Channels at around 04:00 hours (Tokyo Time) daily.

Set Rate Plan

Easily create pricing templates tailored to the peak and off-peak seasons of each region! Save time and avoid errors when creating your new properties, or when changing local seasonal charges, by applying custom templates to multiple properties at once.

1. Go to House Detail menu of the property either from Dashboard > Settings.

Click property's settings from dashboard.

Or Listing Management > Property List (Pro) > Nickname, or select Edit from menu dropdown.

Click on property's nickname or select edit.

Click the property's Nickname, or select Edit.

2. Click Calendar & Pricing* > Select Rate Plans & Rules tab.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Pricing.)

Go to rate plans and rules.

3. Click on Standard Rate to edit, or New Rate Plan if you wish to add another Rate Plan.

Click on rate plan name or add new rate plan.

4. Click the Edit icon to edit an existing Rate Plan.

Click edit icon.

5. After editing your Rate Plan, click Save.

Edit your rate plan.

Apply Rate Plan

1. From House Detail menu > Click Calendar & Pricing* > Select Rate Plans & Rules tab > Click Price & Availability tab.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Pricing.)

Go to pricing & availability.

2. Click a date in the calendar > Select a Rate Plan from the dropdown menu in the popup window > Click Add.

Select rate plan.

3. Specify the From and To dates > click Save. You can enter a note under Memo.

Set your rate plan.

4. Set a different rate for a specific period by toggling the Default Price switch to No > Enter another rate > Click Save to apply the edited rate.

Edit rates.

5. Standard Rates are shown in Black on the calendar. Edited rates are shown in Green along with the Memo, Date of the last edit, and Username of the User who made the edit.

Calendar shows edited rates.

6. To change edited rates back to Standard Rate, toggle the Default Price switch back to Yes for the dates you wish to revert > Click Save.

Sync Price to Channels

1. From House Detail menu > go to Channels* > Select the Channel to apply the pricing > Click Edit.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Channels.)

Edit the channel settings.

2. To sync price, both the Enabled and Sync Price needs to be switched on.

Switch on enabled and sync price.

3. Set a discount or markup for each Channel by changing the Percentage.

Set percentage.

4. For Channels with multiple rate plans, assign a Rate Plan to each of the rate plans you have on the Channel.

Match your rate plans.

5. Click Save to update your price settings for the Channel.

6. Repeat step 1-5 for each Channel that you wish to sync the pricing with.

7. For Channels that allows immediate syncing, click the Sync button to update settings immediately. Otherwise, settings are synced to Channels at around 04:00 hours (Tokyo Time) daily.

Click sync.

Note: Price will not sync to Airbnb until PMS sync is approved for the listing in Airbnb.

You have successfully set up pricing for your property.

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