Note: This article is only applicable for property yet to be listed in your OTA channels.

1. Go to Listing Management > Property List (Pro) > Click + Add New Listing.

Click add new listing.

2. Select Create New from the dropdown.

Select create new.

3. In the Add a New Listing page, enter the Summary, Setting, Client and Facilities details of your property.

Set up your property details.

4. Click Save.

Click save.

5. To edit new listing's details, go to Listing Management > Dashboard > Click the property's Started Settings button > House Detail.

Click started settings.

6. Ensure Room Detail and House Photos for your listing are set up.

Set up your property details.


  • Property name must be at least 9 characters.

  • Enter at least 50 characters for the description of the property.

  • Room description must be at least 50 characters.

  • 7 or more photos should be uploaded.

  • Select 5 or more amenities.

Activate Airhost PMS

1. From the House Detail menu > Click Start Managing > Click Confirm from the pop up message to activate.

Click start managing.

You have successfully set up a new listing in AirHost PMS.

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