Set auto discount percentage according to weekly, bi-monthly or monthly occupancy rate, and automatically apply daily discount rate according to the reservation status.

Note: Prices and discounts will be synced to Channels at around 04:00 hours (Tokyo Time) daily.

Set Discount

1. Go to Discount Settings.

Go to discount settings.

2. You can set up discounts for:

  • Last minute discount, less than one week.

  • 1 to 2 weeks discount.

  • 15 to 45 days discount.

3. The following can be configured:

Discount amount.

4. Changes are automatically saved.

Apply Discount

1. Go to property's House Detail menu > Calendar & Pricing* page > Click Price & Availability tab.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Pricing)

Go to pricing & availability.

2. Switch on Auto Discount at the bottom of the page > Click Save.

Switch on auto discount.

3. Go to property's House Detail menu > Channels* page > Select the Channel to apply the discount > Click Edit.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Channels)

Edit the channel settings.

4. Switch on Sync Discounted Price > Click Save.

Switch on sync discounted price.

5. Repeat for each Channel that you wish to apply the discount to.

You have successfully set up discounts for your property.

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