Note: To enable the synchronization of inventory and charges from AirHost PMS to AsiaYo, it is necessary to stop (synchronizing) the "Room Synchronization Update Status (limited to Airbnb)" function provided by AsiaYo.

1. Select Channels from Listing Management.
2. Click on the Add Channel button.
3. On the Add Channel page, look for AsiaYo channel > Click on the Add button.
4. On the Channel Credentials page, enter the Name, Username and Password for your AsiaYo account > Click on Save.
5, Please ensure that the listings have been imported to the list of the channel.

  • In the event when the listing has not shown up yet, kindly click on the refresh button.

Final steps: Link and Sync between Airhost and AsiaYo

1. Linking AsiaYo property to an existing room in Airhost.
2. Go Listing Management > Channels > Select AsiaYo > Click to enable syncing of data.
3. Click Sync to start the synchronization process between Airhost and AsiaYo.

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