• How to add a new Expedia channel

  • How to connect with Expedia

  • How to add a Room Type and Room Unit

  • How to select Room Type from Expedia

  • Link and sync to Expedia

How to add a new Expedia channel

1. Under Listing Management > Select Channels.
2. Select Add Channel.
3. On the Add Channel page, look for Expedia channel > Click on the Add button.
4. On the Channel Credentials page, enter the Name, Username and Password for your Expedia account.
5. Turn on the Import your listings switch.
6. Add your Hotel ID registered on Expedia.
7. Click Save.

Hotel ID can be found on the Admin Page of Expedia.

How to connect with Expedia

1. Login to Expedia Extranet

a) Click on Rooms and Rates

b) Click on Connectivity Settings

c) Click on Edit

d) Search for “AirHost”

e) Save and continue
2. If there is an error, contact the Expedia representative and request that the price acquisition type be changed to NET.
3. After the automatic approval of the Airhost system, you will receive a confirmation email from Expedia. Upon confirmation, create a New Expedia Channel from the Airhost Admin Page.

How to add a Room Type and Room Unit

** If Room Type has already existed, there is no need to create a new Room Type. You can link to the existing Room Type that you have previously created.

Note: Building Type has to be set as "Hotel" to add Room Type and Unit. 

1. Under Listing Management > Dashboard
2. Click on the Settings icon for the property you want the room to be added.
3. Click on Add Room Type to create a new room type.
4. Fill in the fields for each tab - Description, Room Setup and Amenities > Click Save.
5. Once Room Type has been added > Click on Room Units to add rooms to the specific Room Type.
6. Select the drop-down for the Room Type >  Click Save.

Note: If you add a Room Type in Booking.com, you have to add the same room type in Airhost PMS. Room Units should be added in the Airhost PMS for Booking.com.

How to select Room Type from Expedia

1. Login to Expedia > Search the property > Click on the property.
2. On the left sidebar > Select Room and rates dropdown > Room types and rate plans

Link and Sync between Airhost and Expedia

1. Go to Listing Management > Channels
2. Select Expedia > Link your Expedia property to an existing room in Airhost.
3. Under the property’s House Details > Channels (for hotel type property, it will be Room Channels) > Select Expedia.
4. Click to enable syncing of data.
5. Click Sync to start the synchronization process between Airhost and Expedia.

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