Update real-time contents, photos, and promotions on your own website easily. Increase revenue, encourage repeat business, and nurture guest relationships by customizing different kinds of web promotion, design and elegant templates. Offer guests the option to book in their own language and currency. Booking process are fully responsive to desktops, smartphones and tablets. Increase your profit from direct bookings through your website and pay zero commissions.

Set up your Website
1. Under Listing Management > Web Site > Website Settings > Click the Edit icon to configure your property’s website.

2. Under Website Settings, enter your property’s Subdomain Name, and your Company Name. If you enable Link to own URL from Logo, make sure to enter your Own Web Page URL for the link.

Enter your website settings.

3. Upload a Top Image, and 2 Logo images for your Website by clicking Select File and selecting the images you wish to use.

Select images to upload.

4. Fill in the rest of the information where relevant for your property.

Fill in relevant information.

5. To input content for your Website, click Language & Content at the top of the page > Select the language to add content > Click Add Language.

Select language to add.

6. Input the contents for your Website, and repeat for all languages you wish to add.

Input website content.

7. At the top of the page, click Preview to see a preview of your Website.

Click preview.
  • Example

Website example

8. At the bottom of the website setting page, click Save.

You have successfully set up your Website.

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