1. Select Bookings > Booking's Auto Messages to go to the Common Messages configuration page.

Select Booking's Auto Messages.

2. Common Messages that can be configured are as follows:

3. Click Edit to open message editing window.

Click edit to edit message.

4. In your message, tags can be used. Tags are replaced by the relevant information when messages are sent. Click on the tag at where you want to insert the information in your message.

Place cursor where tag is to be inserted.

Position cursor and click the tag to be inserted.

Tag inserted.

Tag will be inserted at cursor position.

*Extra Memo tag is used for property specific messages. See Property Specific Extra Memos.

5. We support English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean. To add messages in selected language, click menu at the bottom of the message editor window.

Select language to add.

Note: Airhost will send the message based on guest's language preference that is provided by the guest's booking's Channel. If no such preference is provided, English will be the default.

6. Switch on Enable > Click Save to save the message.

Enable message and save.

7. Go to the property's House Detail menu > Auto Messages > Enable the messages you want to send.

Tip: You can select the property under LISTING MANAGEMENT > Property List (Pro).

Enable auto messages.

You have successfully set up Auto Messages (Common for all listings).

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