Note: This is only applicable to hotel type properties

This function is used for setting up auto messages specific to a room, which will reflect under the Room Manual tag in Property Specific Extra Memos.

1. From House Detail menu > Select Room Units > Click Edit icon of room unit to add Room Manual.

Click edit icon of room unit.

2. Enter the room specific details under Room Manual in the pop up window > Click Save.

Note: As this message does not have multilingual support, please fill in all required languages for the content.

Fill in room specific content.

3. Key Info URL is applicable only for Checkin and IoT Add-Ons enabled property. It will display the Extra Intro URL (Optional), if available, from the property's Checkin Add-On Key Kind information.

Information under Checkin Add-On.

4. Indicate linked rooms by switching on and selecting the linked room > Click Save.

Select connecting room unit.

5. To insert Room Manual in auto message, go to House Detail menu > Auto Messages > Click Edit to set up property specific messages.

Select edit.

6. In the {{extra_memo}} message editor window, click Room Manual icon to insert where the content should be in the message > Click Save.

Note: The message you write here shows up in the spot where you insert {{extra_memo}} in the corresponding Common Message.

Click Room Manual icon to insert content.

7. Check that Common Message is set up and enable Auto Messages for the messages you want to send out.

Enable auto messages.

You have successfully set up Room Manual.

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