1. At the Booking's Details page > Go to Other Information tab > Click on Ticket Information link.

Click on ticket information link.

2. You will be directed to the Booking's Message Board page. You can see auto messages sent for the Booking in the Message Board. Click on Lock button to unlock the Message Board.

Click Lock to edit Board.

3. To manually send an auto message, click on the Menu icon > Select Add Auto-Message from dropdown.

Select Add Auto-Message.

4. In the pop-up window, select the auto message you wish to send > Click Apply.

Note: You must have set up the corresponding Auto Message, otherwise no data will show.

Select the auto message you wish to send.

5. If you have multi-languages set up for the auto message, select the language of the message to be sent > Click Apply.

Select language of message to be send.

6. The selected message will appear in the message editor, edit the message if required > Click Reply.

Click reply.

7. Sent message will appear in the Message Board. Refresh the page to check if the message is successfully sent.

Refresh page to check message sent status.

You have successfully send auto messages from Message Board.

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