With AirHost PMS, it is possible to link specific rooms to automatically synchronize inventory such as connecting rooms and shared inventory listings as shown below.

[Connecting room]

For example, if 201 and 202 in a hotel are connected rooms, there will be two stocks for each room and one stock for the connecting room. By linking 201 and 202 as child rooms of the connecting room, the inventory of both 201 and 202 will be reduced to 0 when the connecting room is reserved. Conversely, if a reservation is made for either 201 or 202, the inventory between the linked rooms will be automatically linked so that the inventory of the connecting room will be 0.

[Shared Inventory]

Similar to the connecting room, for example, you can rent a building and rent a room, rent a room and rent a bed, and link each room to automatically link them.

Setting method :

In the example below, there are two rooms, the room type "201-202" called "Connecting Room" and the room types "201" and "202" called "Standard Room", and "201-202" You can see that "202" and "201" are linked as child rooms, and "202" and "201" are linked as "201-202" as parent rooms.

To set it up, enable "Is This a Composed Room?" In the Room Units settings and add the required number of child rooms.

With this setting, when a reservation is made for a linked room, the necessary blocks are automatically set as shown below, and the inventory is automatically linked.

[ Note ]

Selling combined inventory (A + B) and individual inventory (A and B) at the same time using the connecting room function increases the risk of double booking. If each is booked at a different time, AirHost PMS will automatically adjust the inventory of the other, but for booking sites like Booking.com and AirHost PMS booking engine that can book multiple room types at the same time. , There is a risk that combined inventory (A + B) and individual inventory (A and B) will be booked at the same time. When selling on these booking sites, make sure you have enough individual inventory (for example, there are rooms of the same type as C and D besides A and B). If it is judged that the risk cannot be tolerated, please do not sell the connecting room on these reservation sites.

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