Add Property to Website

1. View the properties you have enabled Booking Engine under Listing Management > Web Site > Hotels.

2. To add property to Website, click its Setting icon.

Click setting icon.

3. At property’s House Detail > Switch on Published Status > Enter the property’s Name and Description > Click Save.

4. Click Preview to see a preview of its Website.

Enter details.

5. To edit property’s details, click Open PMS Page to access property’s House Detail page. E.g. Your property’s Facilities.

Click open PMS page.

6. To add photos for your property, under Photos > Click Upload and select the photos you wish to feature.

Upload property's photos.

7. For hotel type properties, under each Room Type you wish to list > Room Details > Enable Published Status and input Room Type’s Name and Description > Click Save.

Publish your room types.

8. Click Open PMS Page to edit each room type’s Room Setup and Amenities under their property’s House Detail menu > Room Details.

Edit room details.

9. To enable your Rate Plans, go to Rate Plans > Click the Edit icon of the Rate Plan to add.

  • For hotel type properties, please do for each Room Type

Click to edit rate plan.

10. Switch on Website Published > Set Refund Policy from the dropdown selection > Input a Summary and Description of the Rate Plan for all languages added > Click Save.

11. For hotel type properties, upload photos for each Room Type. Go to Room Photos > Click Upload to select the photos you wish to add for the Room Type.

Upload room photos.

12. Check if you missed any translations for your property under Contents Management. The symbols indicate the level of completeness of your translations for House Detail, Room Details and Rate Plans.

Level of completeness.

You have successfully listed your property on your Website.

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