This article covers the following:

  • Enabling Stripe payment for your property

  • Changing guest payment option on

Enable Stripe Payment for Property

1. Go to House Detail menu of the property either from Dashboard > Settings.

Click property's settings from dashboard.

Or Listing Management > Property List (Pro) > Nickname, or select Edit from menu dropdown.

Click on property's nickname or select edit.

Click the property's Nickname, or select Edit.

2. Select Subscription Add-Ons > Click Payment tab > In Payment Add-On, add Payment Solution usage.

Add payment solution usage.

3. Click Enable to activate Stripe payment for the property.

Click enable to activate Stripe payment.

4. Set up when you want payment to be charged.

Set when to charge payment.

5. You can also enable the following options:

Options available.
  • Wait payment settlement after 24 hours after booking (excluding last-minute booking made within 48 hours before check-in)When enabled, payment will be processed 24 hours after the booking is made even if payment is set to Charge immediately upon booking.This will avoid cancellation charges for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking.

  • Do not check credit (Only check credit card info)When enabled, Stripe will not process authorisation for the booking amount and will only check the provided credit card validity.

6. Click Save.

Change Guest Payment Option for Property on

1. On your account, go to Property > Policies.

Go to property's policies.

2. Under Other policies > Guest payment options > Click Edit.

Click edit for guest payment options.

3. Select supported card types > Click Save. Stripe supports VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners.

Select supported card types.

Note: The use of JCB requires a separate review by JCB.

You have successfully set up Stripe payment for your property.

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