The "sales report" provided by AirHost PMS enables multifaceted analysis by displaying various statistical data on one page. While switching the target period and target property, you can also check the sales history, data by OTA / room type / country / subject, and statistical data such as OCC and RevPAR, which are operational indicators.

Since the displayed contents can be printed and saved as PDF, the report can be used as a report such as a daily report or a monthly report. In addition, the original data of the report (detailed daily reservation information) can also be downloaded as CSV, so it can also be used for offline work.

By default, "until this month of the year" is selected as the target period. It is possible to select any period from the calendar, but we have prepared various selectable period sets, so we recommend selecting from here.

By default, all properties under management are displayed, but you can filter and display each property or properties with a specific tag (for example, properties with the tag Tokyo).

* In order to display data for each OCC (occupancy rate) and room type, it is necessary to filter by specific property.

* The total income and expenditure report (total sales) is updated once a day at night.

* The balance report (old) is calculated on a check-in date basis (sales data for each reservation), and the balance report (new) is calculated on a daily basis (cleaning costs are recorded on the check-out date). Since there are reservations that span months, the displayed sales amount will differ.

* Sales of reservations for which no charge information has been entered, such as reservations imported by iCal, will not be reflected.

* The total sales of reservations whose reservation status is "confirmed" or "cancelled" (cancellation fee has been incurred) will be reflected in the report. For example, the sales of reservations whose reservation status is "duplicate" are not reflected.

* The function to compare the selected period (for example, this month) with another period (for example, the same month last year) is currently being prepared for provision.

* In the "Sales Details" graph, you can check the "Sales" for each item. No details about "costs" such as OTA fees are displayed.

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