Below, you can set up 6 types of promotions from AirHost.

01. Basic deal

02. Last minute discount

03. Early discount

04. Business discount

05. Geo Rate (Charges by country / region)

06. Mobile rates

Select Promotions from the menu on the channel page.

[+ New promotion] Start creating from addition

Select the type of property and promotion

1. Basic deal

A basic sale is a promotion that pursues flexibility that can be customized according to the facility's unique pricing strategy and business needs.

In this promotion, you can freely set the discount rate, the target stay schedule, the minimum length of stay, etc.

* Product Information Page: What is basic deal?

2. Last minute discount

By appealing to users who are considering making a reservation immediately before, it will help to increase the utilization rate of the entire season.

It is recommended that the target date be set within a maximum of 7 days from the check-in date

3. Early discount

By appealing to guests who book their trips in advance with plenty of time, it will help increase the occupancy rate in the early part of the season.

It is recommended that the target date be set at least 30 days before the check-in date .

* product information page: Appeal to more users with early discounts and last minute discounts

4. Business discount

Genius Business Discount is an advanced targeting tool offered within the Genius programme . Special rates can only be offered to Genius member business travellers, allowing them to approach their user base more effectively.

Only business travellers among Genius members are eligible. To prevent leisure travellers from being eligible for this discount, for example, weekend-only stays and users with children will not see this special rate.

* Product Information Page: Genius Business Discount Settings

5. Geo Rate (Country rates)

Country / region rates are special rates offered to travellers from a specific country or region, which will further appeal your facility to that user base. Incorporating these charges into your pricing strategy is an important way to capture demand from specific travellers,.

* You can select the target country from the target users.

* Product Information Page: Country Rates

6. Mobile discount

Mobile device discounts help attract millennials who are more likely to use their mobile device when making a reservation.

* You can select [Apps only] and [All] (including browser usage) from the target users.

* product information page: Mobile rate discount

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact your account manager or customer service directly.

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