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Note: To perform Traveloka integration, you must first have AirHost set as the Channel Manager used for your listing. Contact your respective Market Manager for the activation, let them know that you would want to use AirHost as your Channel Manager and request for a configuration. If hotel is not connected with Traveloka yet, you need to first register and sign up an account here.

  • How to add a New Traveloka Channel

  • Link and Sync between AirHost and Traveloka

Getting Started

How to add a New Traveloka Channel

1. Under Listing Management > Select Channels.

You may click on either one of the arrows.

2. Select Add Channel.

You may skip this step if you have selected the shortcut on the right.

3. On the Add Channel page, look for Traveloka channel > Click on the Add button.

4. On the Channel Credentials page, add in your property name and save.

5. On the Channel Credentials page, select the 'edit' button on the right top

6. Enter the Name for your Traveloka account. Select the "+" to add the property ID from Traveloka and Save .

Note: The property ID has to input the "Hotel Provider Code" and this can be request from your Traveloka Market Manager. Eg. of the Hotel Provider Code- " lCaBWAoIceLI"

7. Wait till all the rooms are linked from this Channels Page.

Link and Sync between AirHost and Traveloka

Link your Traveloka room to an existing room in AirHost through the Channels or property Room Channels

1. Link your Traveloka room through Channels.

1.1 Go to Listing Management > Channels > Select which property which under Traveloka.

1.2 Select Hotels.

1.3 Link the room from Traveloka to AirHost existing room.

2. Link your Traveloka room through Room Channels.

*make sure all the room types are linked correctly

2.1 Under the property’s > Room Channels > Select Traveloka

2.2 Switch to enable sync of data > Save

*Note: make sure all the below are updated before you click the save button

  • Sync Availability

  • Sync Price

  • Percentage

  • Rate plan

2.3 Click Sync to start the synchronisation process between AirHost and Traveloka.

3. About Traveloka synchronization

3.1 Sending message

Traveloka synchronize messages with API. In addition to sending automatic messages, you can also exchange messages with guests from the AirHost PMS message list. Messages sent from AirHost PMS will be displayed on all Traveloka side message pages.

Note: As a prerequisite for centralized management of Traveloka messages using AirHost PMS, it is necessary to connect the listing to PMS in order to receive Traveloka message reception in real time.

3.2 Extra person for Extra Bed

AirHost do not synchronize the extra bed charges for the extra person. Therefore, if this is needed, kindly inform your property Market Manager in Traveloka for the setup. This has to be applied in Traveloka.

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