* Please read the manual below first if there are any other channels to connect.

6.Multiple channel management

* Only listings listed in Airbnb will be imported. If there are unlisted listings, please change the status to listed temporarily to import them to Airhost, and change them back to unlisted after importing.

* You can add multiple Airbnb accounts to Airhost. To add and manage multiple accounts, please repeat the following operations.


1. Open "Listing Management" → "Channel".


2. Click the "+ADD CHANNEL".


3. On "Add channel" page, click "+Add" button of the Airbnb(Channel type:Airbnb2).


4. On the next page, enter "Name", "Username" and "Password" of the Airbnb account, click "Save".


5. Follow the steps below to enable Airbnb Official API and import listings from Airbnb.

1) Click https://www.airbnb.com/logout and logout Airbnb. Return to the Airhost and click "Next".

2) Click “Connect with Airbnb”.

3) Log in to Airbnb using your Airbnb account, agree to the "Airbnb Additional terms of service" and click "Allow" button.

Refer to the manual below for details.

8-1. Enable Airbnb Official API


6. Open "Listing Management" → "Channel". Select the channel you made and open the "Channel Credentials" page.


7. Select the "HOUSE LIST" tab to check the listings imported from the Airbnb account. Although the import process is usually completed in a few minutes, it may sometimes take longer.


8. To start managing the listing you imported to the channel in AirHost, you need to link it to an existing Airhost property, or add a new AirHost property and make a link between them. Please follow the steps below.

1. In case the listing imported to the channel does not exist in Airhost, please add a new property to Airhost. See the manual below for details.

6-2-1. Create AirHost property from channel(Apartment type)

2. In case the listing imported to the channel already exists in Airhost, please link it to the existing property. See the manual below for details.

6-2-2. Link AirHost property to OTA listing through channel

9. Configure the price setting. If you want to use the price of Airbnb, you can import price from Airbnb. Please change pricing manually in Airbnb since the pricing in Airhost does not sync to airbnb before PMS sync is approved and enabled.

1-4. Price settings and discount settings

1-5. 料金をインポートする(マッピング前のAirbnbリスティングより)

※ AirHost pricing information will be synced to Airbnb after PMS sync is approved and enabled. See the manual below for how to apply for PMS sync.

8. Start PMS Sync and enable pricing & availability sync for airbnb

10. Import AirHost iCal in Airbnb to avoid any double bookings. See the manual below for iCal setting. This will not be needed after PMS sync starts.

7-1. iCalendar setting

11. If you don't have any other OTA channels to link, click "Start managing" of the property. Please link other channels before starting managing if you have other channels to link.

1-2. Start managing a property

<Airbnb Synchronization>


Airbnb and AirHost synchronize messages using API. You can read and reply to messages on the AirHost message board in addition to the auto message function.

・Price Synchronization

AirHost price information will be synced to airbnb only after PMS sync starts. See the manual below for details.

8. Start PMS Sync and enable pricing & availability sync for airbnb

・Availability information before you start managing a property in AirHost

Availability information will not be imported and displayed in AirHost before you start managing the property in AirHost. Please click "Start Managing" button of the property when you are ready to start syncing.

・Synchrinize timing

It may take up to 30 minutes to see the latest airbnb information in AirHost because AirHost refreshes its data about once every 30 minutes. (Airbnb accesses AirHost to check availability when it creates a new reservation.)

For any questions, please contact at support@airhostpms.zendesk.com including the following information;

  • Airhost account information (registered e-mail address or automatic login URL)

  • Request details with screenshots of errors/problems


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