6-1-9. [C-trip] Channel creation
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****** Ctrip linkage requires settings on the Ctrip side in advance. ******

Please contact the person in charge of Ctrip, tell them that you will use AirHost as a site controller, and set it up.

****** Perform the following operations after completing the settings on the Ctrip side. ******

1. Click Add Channel on the Channel menu. (Channels will be added for each facility)

Select Ctrip

Enter the channel name (optional), Ctrip login ID, and password.

* If the password contains symbols such as "&" and "?", The connection may not be established. Please create a Ctrip password using only single-byte alphanumeric characters.

After adding the channel, click the "Edit" icon.

Please select either "OTA payment" or "local payment" as the "payment method".

* If it is not selected, reservation information cannot be imported from Ctrip, so we will temporarily set it as OTA payment for unselected users.

Enter the Hotel ID and save.

If you have registered multiple facilities, your "Hotel ID" will be on the list that is displayed first when you log in to your C-trip account.


The "Hotel ID" is the red frame at the top right of the screen in the initial state.


However, if the [Name] is changed in the user settings, the changed [Name] will be displayed, so click the red frame above and select Account Management, and then click "Login" for the facility. Please check.


If you have any questions, please contact the following with the following information.

1) AirHost account information (registered email address or automatic login URL)
2) Screenshots of screens with unknown operation methods or error screens